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Alternative solutions for “solo travel”

solo travel« Solo travel » letterally means travelling alone.
Now, travelling alone can be a choice and a rewarding one. A solo traveler is more open to meeting fellow trevelers, to make new friends. Also, especially walking alone, can be a moment of self search, almost a meditation. I have done it often myself and deeply enjoyed it.

However there are also many desadvantages to “solo travel”.
Many people do not feel safe travelling alone especially in a country of which they do not speak the language, others do not find it easy to make friends and talk to people they do not know; however, the major obstacle to “solo travelling” is the cost.
Single supplement are expensive and luggage transfers for a solo traveler are out of reach.

Here is what we suggest for your solo adventure travel:

The Via Francigena is the program for which we have most requests for “solo travel”. Now you have to know that, contrary to the Santiago trail where pilgrims are almost too numerous, the Francigena has not yet as many travelers and you may go an entire day without meeting anyone and Italian farmers, although very friendly are not likely to speak english.

Therefore “solo travel” is more difficult along the Francigena.
We can help you solve your problem if you have a certain ammount of flexibility.
The first possibility is to enroll for one of our groups.
We have picked the most intersting stages of the Via Francigena and we have a few set departure dates for the Via Francigena Groups ( Link ).

Our groups are small, have a guide that speaks several languages and will have participants from different parts of the world.

If you are willing to share a room with another participant of the same sex we will tray to pair you so that you will not to have to pay a single supplement.

Another idea for your solo adventure holidays


Via francigena solo travel

Via Francigena Solo Travel

Another idea for your solo adventure holidays is to join our group cycling tours of Italy. ( link )
If you are a « solo traveler » by choice, you can still travel alone, but save some money by letting us know what kind of flexibility you have in your starting dates and we can check if we have other self guided departures within that lapse of time.
By adapting your starting date or your starting point, you can save on the luggage transportation cost. Not a small saving !
I hope this tips have been useful to make up your mind and whish you « Buon Cammino ».

Here is some pictures of people walking with us
Solo adventure travelSolo adventure holidays


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