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Tuscany and Umbria taylor made holidays since 1992

Why Viadelsole

Because Viadelsole is a team of specialists.

We have been organizing hiking and cycling holidays since 1996.

Our staff includes drivers, guide, cyclists, walkers and sommeliers who are passionate about delivering the best possible active holidays.

We have the same passion that you have for the adventure. And we know that to make and unforgettable trip you need to find the most exciting itineraries, fascinating destinations, breathtaking scenery, good quality accommodation and a warm welcome all backed up by outstanding customer service.

Because Italy is our backyard

We live in the heart of Italy and we know our land to the smallest detail: the small backroads, the charming country Inns, the delicious “Trattoria”, the hidden frescoes inside a lost-to-the-world church. Every holiday or adventure we sell is planned, researched, operated and sold by an expert who knows the trail, the area, the logistics and the accommodation of your holiday inside out. When you contact us you can be assured one of our team has been there and has done that. We are always available to offer advice, tailor an itinerary to suit you or simply have a chat to plan your next holiday. It goes without saying that our guides are all locals who take pride in sharing their knowledge and the love for their country.

Because of our great customer Service

Delivering outstanding customer experience is our number one priority. From your first enquiry until you finish your adventure we aim to deliver personal, professional and friendly service at all times.
We have been operating self-guided and small group adventure holidays in Italy since 1992 and now we welcome several hundreds of clients each year. We are extremely proud of the fact that a large proportion of our bookings are from return clients or from personal recommendation. We believe this is because of our focus on personal service and high quality products.

Because we offer hand-picked Accommodations

Your holiday accommodation is absolutely critical to your adventure and we take great pride in working with outstanding accommodation providers. So whether you are staying in a small local B&B, an atmospheric country inn or an elegant luxury hotel you can be sure that your accommodation has been hand-picked and will offer a warm welcome, delicious local food and a unique experience.




We are a very small company, there is only five of us, but because we are very efficient (!) we can meet the challenge to welcome you with the high standards you require

our team

our team

20 years ago, when I came back to live in Italy after spending most of my life abroad, mainly Switzerland and   France, with a short (2 years) period in the States I started this company mainly because travelling was my passion and the only field I felt I had some skills and opportunity for success. My initial idea which was to take Italian people abroad on adventure tours proved unsuccessful; However, I rediscovered my own country scouting for tours and exploring out of the beaten path trails.I also discovered a different way of travelling with more attention to local realities . at the slower pace of a walker. My life abroad has proven a plus as it allowed me a better understanding of the way of thinking and of the needs of our foreign custumers.
Cristina and Beppe have joined me almost since the beginning and now we are a well proven team.



our team

our team

I am the operations manager, the one who, with Giuliana, designs the new tours, discovers new itineraries, deals with the complexities of the logistic which I promise you is not an easy task. This is why is me you meet for a bike fitting when you arrive and it is me you call to solve whichever problem you may incur during your stay with us. Not that I can solve all of them, but I do my best. I try to chose the best bicycles , to make sure the road-books are reviewed every season so that you do not get lost and if you happen to be, I am always within reach on my cell phone to help out. The fact that plenty of you come back is a good proof that I do not do my job too badly!



our team

our team

I have been working with Viadelsole for 15 years now. Although we are very flexible and can replace each other easily, I specifically take care of the accounting, and of the pricing.
Because my mother is from Uruguay I spent part of my life abroad, in Montevideo first, then in New York an only later in Rome.When I arrived in Umbria I bought an old stone farmhouse in the countryside near Perugia. I share it with my sister family, my mother and my daughter. Recently we turned part of it into a cosy b&b where we organize cooking classes as for a period of my life I, with a friend, owned a restaurant which was very successful and deserved a mention in the “Gambero Rosso” the bible of gourmet experts in Italy.



our team

our team

After a law degree I gave a spin to my life and started working in the travel industry trying to convey and share the beauty of my country

I joined Viadelsole in 2014 where I relished in the opportunity and challenge to follow the communication and online reputation of the company.

I feel really fortunate as my “office” are the Vald’Orcia roads and hills. I take care of our guests, and, if your walking tour starts in Tuscany, I will be the one to welcome you ….possibly around a glass of one of our great wines!


our team

our team

I am in charge of guided tours, both by bike and by vespa as a tour leader or simply as a support driver. I enjoy pampering our clients whilst on tour and also our self-guided customers whom I welcome when they arrive and to whom I deliver and fit the bikes. I also supply any technical support that may be needed, taking care of the baggage logistics.
Personally I am passionate windsurfer and mountain biker but since working with Viadelsole, cycle touring has become my lifestyle.


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