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via francigena self guided

Via Francigena Self guided

NEW PROGRAM: Adopt one week of  the Via Francigena

Seven years have passed since we first started working on the Via Francigena.

Walking the Via Francigena Self guidedWhat an adventure! At that time I remember walking on deserted trails looking for inexistent way-marks; I cannot count the many questions I asked to know where the trail passed,   getting back only  puzzled looks;  “ We never heard of the Via Francigena” was the answer.

I look back to that experience with a bit of nostalgia: being a pioneer is hard work, but rewarding and exiting.
Things have changed, and for the better.

Money has been invested to make the route more secure: protected paths have been created beside traffic ridden roads, shortcuts and dirt roads have been substituted to asphalt roads: most of the route has now well sign-posted.

Even asphalt roads have changed: where there was a crossroad or a traffic light there are now round about.

All in all, we have come to the conclusion that our route descriptions need a serious upgrade if we want to be able to give our clients the best service.
However this means walking again the 950 km along which the Via Francigena unfolds; not an easy task! It requires money and time both a scarce commodity!

To solve our problem we have come up with the new program: “Adopt a week of the Francigena” . What is it?
We have asked who, among our friends was willing to walk (expenses paid) one week of the 8 that make up our Francigena program while correcting our daily instructions and we have found many volunteers

In the next few weeks the team we have gathered to walk the Via Francigena self guided:

Elisa      Stefania     Michele          Silvia          Niccolò            Beppe              Paul          Giuliana


Will walk to make your route safer and more pleasant; you will certainly hear from them…


Via Francigena Self guided




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