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Tuscany and Umbria taylor made holidays since 1992

Wine holiday tuscany

Wine tours
Though not generally considered so, wine and food are an important part of a country culture, therefore, taking part in a wine tour is not only a plesure, but also a way to get acquainted with the way of life of the counry you are visiting. The way people relate to food or wines reflect their approach on life

Italian cuisine and wines are genuine and sofisticated, at the same time like Italian people who are simple and warm yet elegant and refined.



Why are our wine & cooking tours so special ?

Because we want you to discover the diversity of Italian wines and the simplicity of its food

We have chosen 3 of the best wine producing areas of Italy :
Umbria and Tuscany
and we have built 3 wine tours to help you discover the richness of the wines and of the gastronomy of these areas, without forgetting to include some of the jewels of our art and architecture creating a unique product


Meet Our producers

arrow6-2.pngWe try to account for the great diversity of Italian wineries, from the large, highly sofisticated estates to the family run farm. Each one of the cellars we visit has some special feature that makes it a unique experience. From the very famous names in wine production such as Donatella Cinelli Colombini or The Florio wineries to the farmer who plays Mozart to his vines.

Experience our great wines

arrow6-2.pngYou will get acquainted also with the diversity of Italian wines. In the same region there are really many completely different types of wine. For instance, if you are Touring Umbria and Tuscany you will be able to taste Chianti Classico and Supertuscan, Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino. Vernaccia and Nobile di Montepulciano, Sagrantino and rosso di Montefalco.

Experience our special accommodations

arrow6-2.pngOur accommodations are often wine producing estates ; this way you can experience from close how wine is made a, by strolling through the vineyards understand better how they are cultivated and how much work goes into making a good wine


Discover how easy it is to cook italian food

arrow6-2.pngPreparing Italian food is fun and there are hundreds of Italian recipies that are easy to learn. In our cooking classes you will discover that you only need 20 minutes to prepare a Tiramisu ready to serve. Of course mixing eggs and flour to make tagiatelle is slightly more difficult, but all our clients succeed.

We can include one or more cooking classes in our tours


On request a day hike or a cycling tour can be included