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Via Francigena by Bike

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From Lucca To Rome

From the ancient wall of Lucca, you can cycle through the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany and Latium , reaching Rome in 10 days and enjoying all the highlights of the Via Francigena.

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All about the Via Francigena by Bike.


> Lucca
> Siena
> Sant’Antimo
> Bolsena
> Rome


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The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
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  • 10 Nights – 3 Star Level Accommodation
  • All Breakfast and 2 Dinners
  • Luggage transfer
  • Road Book & Maps
  • GPS File available
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  1. LUCCA Day 1 – Arrival and settling in

    The first major point is that of Lucca. This is a town that has some incredible ancient walls in which you can cycle through. This convenient location allows you to get to the heart of Tuscany, and is relatively close to Pisa Airport, making it very simple to get to and start with. Here you will find traditional vineyards, small towns, religious centers, and so much more to explore.

  2. SAN MINIATO Day 2 – San Miniato – San Gimignano – Km

    After you take a train trip to San Miniato Basso, you will start your journey on a bike. We will meet you here with the bikes you will use, and all the maps and information that you’re going to need to take on the journey ahead of you. This will be a hill filled ride, but the views and natural wonders that you will traverse will completely astonish as you head to San Gimignano.

  3. SAN GIMIGNANO Day 3 – San Gimignano – Siena – Km

    While you’re enjoying San Gimignano, you will no doubt be fascinated by the marketplaces, shopping, natural squares, architecture, and so much more. There’s a rich history here that you will see from the walls, to the old buildings, and centers. From there you will head to Siena, where the outdoor cafés await, including a recommended spot at Piazza del Campo. You’ll be delighted by what you see and what awaits, for sure.

  4. SIENA AND THE “CRETE” Day 4 – Siena – Buonconvento – Km

    Siena is quite the locale. Exploring the area is a must, and you’ll definitely find the natural beauty, and mix of old and new to be compelling. This next trek will definitely require some rest beforehand. It will be a tough one, but it will be worthwhile as you head to Buonconvento. Siena will definitely be on your mind, but what awaits is definitely something amazing. The vineyards, and natural forestry that line Crete will absolutely stun. Cypress trees along the hillsides will definitely make this trek a bit easier to manage, albeit tough for some.

  5. VAL D'ORCIA Day 5 – Buonconvento – Radicofani – Km

    If you have ever seen the masterworks of famous artists, then you will denote their views of Val d’Orcia and the many elements that await you on this trek. Tuscany opens up in a whole new way here, and you’ll find yourself riding through what many calendars publish on a regular basis. Don’t miss San Quirico and Radicofani as you take your cycle through this incredible, illustrious area.

  6. PROCENO Day 6 – Radicofani – Proceno – Km

    While you will be going through some amazing natural sights through the valleys and the Cassia Road, what awaits you here is nothing short of incredible. Upon getting to Proceno, you will be able to stay in a castle. That’s right, stay in a real castle, that will take you into the rich history of the region, and delight after seeing the natural wonders through Val d’Orcia and beyond.

  7. LATIUM AND VITERBO Day 7 – Proceno – Viterbo – Km

    As you leave Proceno, you’ll be headed through Latium. This is going to be an easier trek overall, and you’ll see some very unique areas. This is away from the beaten path, and you’ll no doubt want to take your time through here. There are some amazing religious elements, including the Pope’s Palace in Viterbo. This is where Popes of the past would go when fleeing persecution in Rome. You’ll also want to explore the Sutri Amphitheater, and visit the thermal pools of I Bagnacci. Simply put, this may very well be the most relaxing of your trip, so make sure to soak it all in.

  8. SUTRI Day 8 – Viterbo – Sutri – Km

    Another great trek, this is going to show you a mix of natural splendor, and modern luxury. As you traverse the hills, you’ll be able to soak in the past, before reaching Vico lake. From there, you’ll visit Farnese palace, and eventually the medieval times community of Ronciglione. Also, make sure that you take a look at Santa Maria del Parto church. This journey will shine light on the past in a whole new vantage point for you. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open when in this region, there’s a lot to see and hear.

  9. FORMELLO AND THE WATERFALLS Day 9 – Sutri – Formello – Km

    Two major points of interest that you will not want to miss in this part of the journey is Monterosi lake and St Maria del Sorbo. You’ll be headed to Formello, and then off to Rome, but these locales should be treasured. Make sure to also stop at Monte Gelato Waterfalls, and see if you can place the location from the many movies that have been shot here. Slow down a bit, and really take in the natural splendor that you will see in this part of your cycling quest.

  10. ARRIVING IN ROME Day 10 – Formello – Rome – Km

    Rome awaits, and instead of having to go through the hustle and bustle that most will, you will not. The cycling tour will take you through an isolated path for bikes along the famed Tiber River. From here you will be within a few hundred meters of the world famous St. Peters Square.
    This cycling trek is definitely one of the best ways to experience Italy. It takes you through many different communities, in the fresh air, and beauty that has become synonymous with the country. If you want to see all that Italy has to offer, and you want to do so in a unique, inexpensive manner, then cycling becomes the most compelling way to do so.

Accommodation Level


Day 1 – Lucca

Day 2 – San Miniato

Day 3 – San Gimignano

Day 4 – Siena

Day 5 – Buonconvento

Day 6 – Radicofani

Day 7 – Proceno

Day 8 – Viterbo

Day 9 – Sutri

Day 10 – Roma

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Some pics from our HotelsOn average the hotels are 3 star level

Some pics from our B&BsWe choose cozy B&B with friendly and professional owners

What happens if I can’t walk / cycle a stage?

If you find the stage too long or if for any reason you cannot walk at all for one day, let us know the previous week and we can arrange for you to go for a short stretch or for the entire stage with the luggage transfer . In some cases a small fee will be asked and you can pay it directly to the driver.

When is the best time of year?

Generally speaking the best season is certainly from April to October; however, it varies with each stage:
– You can only cross the Alps(week 1) from June 15th to September 15th
– The Appennino mountains (week 4) are more pleasurable from mid May to the end of September
– We suggest that you avoid walking among the rice fields (week 2&3) in full summer

How does the baggage transfers work?

Every morning you leave your luggage at the reception of your accommodation, better with a name-tag and you will find it at your arrival at the next accommodation. It has to be delivered by 2pm

Do you provide GPS files for all days?

Yes, on request we can provide GPS files, but we will still supply the paper description just in case your GPS does not work!

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