Pontremoli (MS), Lunigiana, Toscana, Italia, Europa
Pieve di Sorano, Filattiera (MS), Lunigiana, Toscana, Italia, Europa
Pontremoli (MS), Lunigiana, Toscana, Italia, Europa
Pontremoli (MS), Lunigiana, Toscana, Italia, Europa

Via Francigena – WEEK 4

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From Fidenza to Aulla

Fidenza can be easily reached by train from Milano or Bologna; you wil find at your hotel all the material you need for your trip: hotel vouchers, the detailed description of the walking, the GPS maps and the pilgrim’s “Credenziale”. You will also be told where to go to receive a benediction by a priest if you want one before you start on your way. Ths week il centered on the crossing of the Appennino, the long chain of mountains that unfolds for the whole length of the Italian peninsula. Mountains after mountains until the horizon opens up and on a clear day the pilgrims were able to catch a first glimps of the sea. An untouched landscape thick with woods. Now and then small, forgotten by time hamlets and small towns are the human note in a pristine scenary.

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    Via Francigena
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Fidenza and Berceto Duomos
The statue stele
The Appennino mountains scenery at Cisa Pass


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We will book double rooms with private bathrooms in 2* or 3* hotels, b&b or country Inns. and you will find the corresponding vouchers in your package

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Just leave it at the reception desk with your name tag and you will find it at your next accommodation.

We supply detailed route notes and maps

At your choice, the route notes can be in English, Italian, French or German and maps have GPS tracing

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • All Breakfast ( Dinners on Demand )
  • Luggage transfer
  • Road Book & Maps
  • Gps Files Available
  • Emergency number 24/7
  • The Pilgrim’s “Credenziale”
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  1. FIDENZA Day 1 – Arrival in Fidenza

    Seat of the European Association of the Vie Francigene the town has been a major stop on the pilgrimage road. The barelifs of its Duomo are very famous and have taken on a symbolic significance for the Francigena travelers


  2. FORNOVO Day 2 – Fidenza – Fornovo – Altitude gap: Uphill: m 500 Downhill: m 450 Length: 31km W. time: 7h.00

    A fairly long day full of ups and downs approaching the first hills before the Appennino mountains. Pastures and vineyards to begin with, then replaced by oak woods, cool in the summer heat. Fornovo is a pleasant, small town that doesn’t offer many interesting things to see, but being at the beghinning of a scarsely populated area offers one of the few opportunities for decent lodging

  3. CASSIO Day 3 – Fornovo – Cassio – Altitude gap: Uphill: m 760 Downhill: m 200 Length: 20,8km W.time 4h.00

    It is a tough day because of the high altitude gap. Superb scenary with strange rock formations called I salti del Diavolo- Nice churches in Bardone and Terenzo.

  4. BERCETO Day 4 – Cassio – Berceto – Altitude gap: Uphill: m 300 Downhill: m 250 Length: 10,7 km W. time: 4h.00

    A softer day with many interesting very typical villages that were built while the Francigena soared with houses lining the road, Reach Berceto with its important Duomo. Located on the Romea, it used to be a crossroad for commerce.

  5. PREVIDE Day 5 – Berceto – Previde – Altitude gap: Uphill: m 650 Downhill: m 510 Length: 13,5 km W.time:4 h.30

    Today we enter Tuscany and we enjoy some of the most beautiful scenary of the whole Francigena. The view from the Cisa Pass is just awsome

  6. PONTREMOLI Day 6 – Previde – Pontremoli – Altitude gap: Uphill: m 250 Downhill: m 790 Length: 17 km W. time: 5h.00

    The longest day of the week though mainly downhill. Along the way many signs of the faith that was so much part of medieval life: small altars, little chappels, via crucis line the way. You will cross the river Magra on a bridge dating from year 300

  7. AULLA Day 7 – Pontremoli – Aulla – Altitude gap: Uphill: m 100 Downhill: m 200 Length: 32 km W. time: 6h.30

    Just outside town the St Annunziata church was built after the Virgin appeared to a young shepard girl. Just before arriving in Aulla you will pass the remains of St. Caprasio abbey, dating back to 884 .

  8. YOURS DEPARTURE Day 8 – end our service


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The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
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What happens if I can’t walk / cycle a stage?

If you find the stage too long or if for any reason you cannot walk at all for one day, let us know the previous week and we can arrange for you to go for a short stretch or for the entire stage with the luggage transfer . In some cases a small fee will be asked and you can pay it directly to the driver.

When is the best time of year?

Generally speaking the best season is certainly from April to October; however, it varies with each stage:
– You can only cross the Alps(week 1) from June 15th to September 15th
– The Appennino mountains (week 4) are more pleasurable from mid May to the end of September
– We suggest that you avoid walking among the rice fields (week 2&3) in full summer

How does the baggage transfers work?

Every morning you leave your luggage at the reception of your accommodation, better with a name-tag and you will find it at your arrival at the next accommodation. It has to be delivered by 2pm

Do you provide GPS files for all days?

Yes, on request we can provide GPS files, but we will still supply the paper description just in case your GPS does not work!

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