30 years have passed since this picture was taken and we are still together!



When I first came back to live in Italy in 1992, having spent 30 years of my life abroad, I realized that the only thing I really had some capacities was travelling so I created a travel agency which I named Viaggiatori Viandanti e Sognatori (travelers, wanderers and dreamers). I intended to organize trips to the beautiful, remote areas I, myself had discovered. I created awesome itineraries; however, was it bad timing or internet not being yet easily available? I never sold one of them!

Fortunately for me, people from my past life started asking me about my own country and slowly, almost without acknowledging it, we turned into an incoming tour operator. I say we because I soon needed help and so, almost at the same time, Cristina and Beppe jumped on board and we have been working together ever since. At the same time some of our most important clients have joined us and most of them still work with us and, over time, have become dear friends.

Rebecca the product manager at Avanti Destinations and her boss Harry were our first important clients. I could tell you how I made a disaster of our first meeting, but I prefer recalling that together we created our Villas program, a bestselling product that has resisted 30 years of age.

Our first cycling group came from Chuck and Judy Nichols whom I first met at Terontola railway station mistaking them for the clients I was supposed to pick up. They faithfully come back every year with a group of their own clients exploring different areas of Italy with us on their tandem.

I could go on forever telling how we met our partners; however, what I intend to stress is that we are a consolidated team and that those who have worked and traveled with us are happy to keep coming back. They have been doing that for many years as this is 30th anniversary 

 I want to say a great thanks to all of them!

Giuliana, founder of “Viadelsole”