The Via Francigena was the group of roads that the pilgrims from northern Europe ”the Francs” followed to reach Rome and eventually Jerusalem. There were many roads, but, having to chose a set route, the Italian government decided to follow the road that was first described by Sigerico, the archibishop of Canterbury, who in 900 described in writing his return trip from Rome to Canterbury..
We focus on the final sections of the pilgrimage starting in Switzerland few miles before the Italian border in order to include the crossing of the Alps which were the major obstacle on the pilgrims way to Rome.
We have divided the whole itinerary into eight manageable stages. You will be supported with 24-7 back-up and provided with comprehensive route notes and the Via Francigena route maps. Accommodation is booked each evening for you in friendly and comfortable hotels, country inns or guesthouses, according to the nature of each overnight stop.

Your luggage will be waiting for you at your next accommodation.

Why a pilgrimage?

For many people, this is the beginning of a spiritual roads; some want to search their souls, reaching deep inside themselves, in a natural and peaceful setting, in the silence of holy places, in the sharing with the others pilgrims.

Walking along those trail makes people feel part of a larger family; it creates a sense of belonging; since relations are easy and informal, the pilgrimage turns into an experience in sharing and friendship.

Finally for some, it is a challenging experience as it requires continuous physical efforts. Walking 15 to 30 km per day for several days, gives people the possibility to test the capabilities and sometimes to go beyond.

Best Seasons:June, July, August, September
Popular Location:Tuscany, Lazio

Detailed Weekly Itineraries

via francigena val d aosta

    Via Francigena – WEEK 1

    7 Nights

    From Bourg St. Piere ( Swisse ) to Pont St. Martin
    The crossing of the Alps
    The mountains landscape
    The historical Hostel at the Pass
    Val d’Aosta villages and castles

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