We have been the first Italian company to do
self-guided tours

From the very beginning our tours were meant for individual travellers and although, in time, we have had many competitors we are still a leading company in this field.

Self- guided tours are meant for independent travellers. People who are in for a little adventure, but don’t like to be completely on their own in a foreign country.

Our Self-guided tours offer

Freedom and flexibility

Tours can start whenever you want: any day of the week, any date of the month.

They can be for as many days as you choose.

With just 2 people.

Security and comfort

  • We book comfortable Inns or 3 & 4stars hotels, and at your request, we can provide as many evening meals as you like.
  • Clients’ luggage is transferred at any change of hotel and delivered before 2 pm. You leave them at the reception, and they will be waiting for you at the next!
  • Reliable route notes and GPS traced maps are provided. You can have them on your tablets or on your phone if you prefer.


  • An emergency number will secure our assistance at any time to solve major problems.