Follow the wine!

Let wine be your guide while exploring Italy

Italy has been producing wine since Roman times and in the past 50 years our people have succeeded in combining our age-old knowledge with modern techniques of wine making. 

The results is pure perfection!


Italy now offers one of the largest and most diverse production of great wines, a huge mosaic made of thousands of small pieces as each small corner of our country produces its own wine with a specific character and personality.

 At the same time Italy offers the most incredible number of artistic treasures, ancient monuments and architectural gems created in more than 3000 years of history.

Why are we different?

“Our itineraries are designed by wine lovers for wine lovers, with the simple aim of increasing your knowledge and enjoyment of both the area visited and the range of wines produced there”

You spend the nights at a wine producing property, so you experience wine making from the inside and meet the winemakers.

You can customize your itinerary following the wine that you like and adding more wine tasting or gourmet meals, a cooking classes or a hiking loop.

We supply all the information you need to discover the territory that created the wine: its artistic and historical treasures, its landscapes, its typical food.

Each territory has its own soul

Each wine has its own character

We believe that the connection between a wine and its territory is deep and strong. In the best wines these two elements merge to create perfection.

Join us to experience the birth of great wines

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