I’m Giuliana

I am Giuliana, the one who started it all 30 years ago. I am the general manager, but I also enjoy leading few groups every year to remain in touch with the needs and preferences of our clients. I used to escort hiking groups, but I am getting a bit too old for that. However, I am very happy to help people discover the many foods and perfumes that the different regions of Italy can offer. I therefore escort groups from the Etna slopes vineyards in Sicily to the truffle hunting experience in Piedmont from the prosecco hills in Veneto to the olive groves of Umbria. In other words, I am the tour guide of our wine and food tours.  I have the knack of stumbling on very special people like Mimmo who opens for us the gate of his secret garden telling us how he found an original medieval fresco while digging for his garage or Calogero who hosted us in his private house so we could have the best possible view of the “scala dei turchi” near Agrigento. I like to share my discoveries and so I can offer to my groups unique and unforgettable experiences.


I’m Beppe

I am the operations manager, the one who, with Giuliana, designs the new tours, discovers new itineraries, deals with the complexities of the logistic which I promise you is not an easy task. This is why is me you meet for a bike fitting when you arrive and it is me you call to solve whichever problem you may incur during your stay with us. Not that I can solve all of them, but I do my best. I try to chose the best bicycles , to make sure the road-books are reviewed every season so that you do not get lost and if you happen to be, I am always within reach on my cell phone to help out. The fact that plenty of you come back is a good proof that I do not do my job too badly!

I’m Antonello 

I was born and live in Umbria. I am a professional photographer and for years I have been interested in outdoor activities and in particular I am passionate about walking. While I walk I find the slow time of everyday life and I have always loved contact with nature. I started collaborating with Viadelsole taking care of social media and everything related to the web. I also deal with the relationship with direct customers and the organization of groups. I like scouting especially for the “pilgrim ways”, such as the Via Francigena and the Via di Francesco.

I’m Daniele

I’m a certified MTB guide, born and raised in Trasimeno. The bike has always been my passion and every path is a good opportunity for me to wander, discovering new views and new landscapes. Cycling in nature has something magical: there is always something unexplored, and for this reason I live every trip with the same enthusiasm of a traveller. I love the lake and the places where I live, the soft hills between Umbria and Tuscany and the panoramic mountains of the Apennines. I love colors, an essential part of my profession as a graphic designer and photographer.

I’m Andrea

Andrea is our pathfinder and tracker, he gained his experience in the outdoors starting in the 80s by managing one of the first Italian MTB excursion centers, he also collaborates on various trail network projects in Central Italy including the Gothic Line trail from the Adriatic Sea to Tyrrhenian. Tireless traveller, expert ski mountaineer, photographer and trekker. Andrea now makes his experience available in Viadelsole, studying new itineraries on foot and by bike.

I’m Ilaria

I live in the Umbrian countryside with my children and many dogs and cats. I started collaborating with Viadelsole and I manage the preparation of the material for our customers (folders, itinerary descriptions, vouchers, etc.), I also take care of the logistics of the customers when they arrive in our beautiful region – “the green heart of Italy”.

I’m Donato

I live in Basilicata (south of Italy) and I am a bike leader and I manage guided tours and in particular the “Basilicata coast to coast”. I started collaborating with Viadelsole accompanying cycling groups both in Tuscany and Umbria.

I’m Tosca

Hi, I’m Tosca, the mascot of Viadelsole, I’m a Bloodhund who’s friendly and sweet with humans and…..if any of you get lost on a path my nose will find you!

… and many more!!

We live in the heart of Italy, and we know our land to the smallest detail: the small backroads, the charming country Inns, the delicious “Trattoria”, the hidden frescoes inside a lost-to-the-world church. Every holiday or adventure we sell is planned, researched, operated, and sold by an expert who knows the trail, the area, the logistics and the accommodation of your holiday inside out. When you contact us you can be assured one of our team has been there and has done that.

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