We think that taking part in cycling or hiking tours requires a considerable physical effort therefore we believe that at the end of a tiring day comfort is a must.

This is why we take great care in choosing your accommodations. We look for clean, cozy and charming place, we make sure you have good solid breakfasts and welcoming hosts

However, our standard accommodations are not luxurious.

…. But let’s imagine this trip is your yearly special vacation or that this is your honeymoon or your XX anniversary and that you want to be pampered, and to indulge in some extra comfort.

Also, you would like your vacation to be a complete experience getting to know the great food and the best wines the country can offer discover the artisans who perpetuate local traditions.

In other words, you want it to be A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE

We can choose for you the best

We can add

Cooking class

Wine tasting

Visit to artisan workshop