We always ask for feedback to help you decide which tour to choose and what to expect. 

Brian & Sophia

Sophia and I had one of the best weeks of our life and words cannot express how grateful we are to you, Michele and Cristina for putting this together for us. The bikes were perfect (I’m so glad you steered us towards the ebikes), the routes were more scenic and beautiful than we ever imagined, and we loved each and every one of the hotels. I know we will be writing to you soon to plan another trip and I will tell every single person I know to not even look anywhere else when planning a bike trip. We travel all over the world and have had so many wonderful adventures and this exceeded my wildest expectations. 

Meera & Chris

We had an absolutely wonderful time and really loved our holiday in Umbria and Tuscany – it was very memorable (for all the right reasons!). The bikes were both excellent, the route planning was fantastic with just the right number of hours of cycling per day and with every point of interest clearly highlighted in our notes. Beppe and Michele gave us a wonderful welcome in Assisi and our bags always found their way to our next hotel without any issues at all.

We’ve been raving about the trip since we got back to anyone who will listen!


You have been amazing. You are one of the reasons why this trip was so memorable. I cannot wait until I’ll be back. Thank you, friends!


Grazie! For such an amazing trip! Absolutely loved everything especially you! I hope to see you again. Grazie mille!!

Karen & David

So glad we were able to make this trip. Thank you for a memorable vacation.

Stacie & Tony

Thank you so much for making this beautiful experience flawless for us. Our first time in Italy has been amazing. Thank you so much. Love.


Tomorrow is the end of the most extraordinary journey in your beautiful country and I wanted to thank you for your help and assistance during those 2 months. You were always very quick to react . I don’t think I could make another trip in Italy without Viadelsole.

Thank you so much again. A dopo.