The green heart of Italy

A walking or cycling tour of Umbria in 8 days allows you to appreciate both the natural beauties of this area and its artistic treasures as it passes by the main centres and towns of this very special region;
This is a mystic land and a great serenity can be felt in the air, in the soft colours of the landscape: the grey of stone houses, the silvery green of olive trees, the soft powdery colour of the earth. Walking through this land means giving away to its sweet power and its magic.

Our tours allow flexibility...

- Chose your own departure dates.
- Start any day of the week.
- Go at your own pace.
- Stop whenever you feel like it.

... while offering security
- Comfortable Inns are booked for you
- Delicious meals are waiting
- Your luggage is delivered to your hotel
- Reliable route notes are supplied
- An emergency number will secure assistance

Best Season:May, June, September
Popular Location: Perugia, Spello, Assisi

Detailed Weekly Itineraries

Cycling , Hiking or Vespa
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