South Via di Francesco – From Assisi to Rome

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South Via di Francesco – from Assisi to Rome

The St Francis trail is not a pilgrimage route in the proper sense of the term. As a matter of fact, until a few years ago there were never pilgrims retracing St Francis steps. This trail simply links the places that were important in St Francis life.
Francesco, known for his humble and simple way of life, is nonetheless a revolutionary figure in the history of Christianity; in a time when the Church of Rome was the center of the Papacy’s temporal power – and known to amass huge riches, conspire duplicitous plots and abide corruption, he preached poverty and fraternal love towards every creature of this world.
The example set by St Francis’ life and a message was probably the inspiration for the new Pope to chose to be called Francis I.
The northern Via di Francesco
starts in La Verna Monastery
, the place where St Francis received the « Stigmatas» and ends in Assisi, where he is buried. Along the way, you will pass several smaller monasteries and abbeys where the Saint stayed while travelling, as well as where legend says he accomplished miracles, such as the taming of a ferocious wolf in Gubbio. The southern part of the way starts in Roma, seat of the papacy, and ends in Assisi.

We choose to reverse the itinerary to allow to follow all the stages consecutively from La Verna to Roma.  
Beyond the spiritual value, this itinerary walks through beautiful sceneries, rich in history and architectural masterpieces; hermitages in the middle of nowhere, and wonderful abbeys.
 In short, a journey between nature, art and history that will fascinate you.

  • 15 Days
  • Age 15+
  • Via di Francesco


  • La Verna Monastery
  • Sansepolcro & Piero della Francesca
  • Gubbio
  • Assisi

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Departure: Assisi
Destination: Rome
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Via di Francesco from Assisi to Rome

Tour Plan


Day 1: Arrival in Assisi

You can reach Assisi by train from Roma or Firenze. The peaceful atmosphere, imbued with spirituality and the superb scenery of the Valle Umbra and Monte Subasio, makes it the perfect place to begin such a spiritually and physically demanding route. Night in the Assisi historical center.


Distance 13,7 km - walking time 3 h

Day 2: Assisi - Spello

All on dirt roads, it’s an easy walk, with a low difference in height. You will walk through olive groves at midweight, on the southwest side of the Monte Subasio and beautiful sights on the Valle Umbra. Night in Spello, a small precious city, rich in monuments, superb churches, and masterpieces such as the Natività by Pinturicchio and a tasty and rich cooking tradition.


Distance 19,5 km - walkint time 3.5 h

Day 3: Spello - Trevi

The landscape is always the relaxing one of the Umbrian countryside, through woods and olive groves. Even the medieval city of Trevi is a small treasure in art, cooking and culture, climbed on the mountain. Night in the hotel in the town center.


Distance 13,1 km - walking time 4 h

Day 4: Trevi - Poreta

Now the way starts going up and down, although still not in a very hard way, and gradually increases in height. Poreta is dominated by its castle, nowadays closed to the visitors. Night in the village.


Distance 17,1 km - walking time 4.30 h

Day 5: Poreta - Spoleto

The day starts climbing to the castle and develops in up and downs through olive groves and woods. The final stretch entering Spoleto is on level or downhill roads welcomed by the Langobardic church of S. Salvatore and the S. Ponziano Monastery with a beautiful crypt. The city on its own is worthed a trip, and we recommend seeing the Duomo and the Rocca, while wondering around in the historical center. Night in hotel.


Distance 22,5 km - walking time 5.30 h

Day 6: Spoleto - Macenano

The way out from Spoleto is modified because of the Ponte delle Valli bridge closure, which starts steeply climbing and then flattens near the “Giro dei Condotti”. On the other side of the bridge the steep uphill way starts again up to the Monteluco. Hermitage. The day is long and strenuous because you will go from the Umbra Valley to the Valnerina valley. Night in B&B.


Distance 10 km - walking time 3.30 h

Day 7: Macenano - Arrone

The stretch starts downhill to reach Ceselli and then on flat ground constantly accompanied by the murmur of the River Nera waters.


Distance 11,3 km - walking time 3.3 h

Day 8: Arrone - Piediluco

Today the path starts along the Valnerina valley on flat ground, and then looks over the magnificent Marmore waterfalls, to reach the plateau which hosts the beautiful Piediluco lake. Night in hotel, on the lake shores.


Distance 23,9 km - walking time 7 h

Day 9: Piediluco - Poggio Bustone

Today's itinerary develops on different terrains which changes from the sweet Umbrian landscapes to the appeninic ones, with slopes covered in beechwoods. The most significant point is the St. Francis beech tree, which protected the saint with its majestic branches. From here a downhill path leads to some ups and downs, in a mountain environment that will end in the village of Poggio Bustone.


Distance 17,6 km - walking time 5 h

Day 10: Poggio Bustone - Rieti

Today's stretch leads to the Rieti Valley, passing on halfway paths, through the Foresta Convent. On your left you will see the Monte Terminillo mountains, while on your left is the valley where the River Velino flows.


Distance 21,9 km - walking time 6 h

Day 11: Rieti - Poggio S. Lorenzo

Strenuous day, but passing through wild landscapes, hermitages and abbeys; you will walk in the beginning in the rivers Turano and Ariana rivers, and then passing to the typical Sabina environment.


Distance 20,4 km - walking time 5.30 h

Day 12: Poggio S. Lorenzo - Ponticelli di Scandriglia

After the wild we go back to human built environment, passing through cultivated fields, orchards, and olive groves, in a long and hard day.


Distance 29,9 km - walking time 7 h

Day 13: Ponticelli di Scandriglia - Monterotondo

Very long day with ups and downs between the Sabina hills and fields, some asphalt stretches and dirt roads.


Distance 18,4 km - walking time 5 h

Day 14: Monterotondo - Montesacro

The classic roman countryside takes place of the Sabina hills, with farmhouses and flocks of sheep which graze on the pasture lands, while passing through the regional park of the Marcigliana.


Distance 15,2 km - walking time 4 h

Day 15: Montesacro - Roma (S. Pietro)

Urban leg, which can also be done by buses. Anyway, on foot it's not unpleasant because passes through secondary roads, parks and cycle paths, near the banks of the rivers Aniene and Tevere.


Day 16: End our service

See you soon in Italy for your next adventure!

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