Via Francigena South – week 3

€ 900 (from) / Per person

Via Francigena south – from Teano to Casalbore

On this journey you will cross the Eternal City along the Appia Antica which still retains its original paving. A series of paths, immersed in the woods and full of panoramic views, lead to picturesque medieval villages such as Nemi, Sezze, Cori. You will reach Lake Giulianello, a small natural oasis. Through paths surrounded by woods that open onto the Pontus plain, you reach one of the most characteristic cities of Lazio, Terracina which overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Waiting for you at your hotel will be the material you need for your trip: hotel vouchers and your credential for the pilgrim stamp.

  • 8 Days
  • Age 15+
  • Via Francigena

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  • 8 nights (in 2/3 stars accommodation)
  • All breakfast (dinners on demand)
  • Emergency number 24/7
  • Gps files 
  • Luggage transfer
  • Pilgrim’s “Credenziale”
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Via Francigena South week 3 from Teano to Casalbore

Tour Plan


Day 1: Arrival in Teano

Arrival at the hotel, dinner and night.


Distance 17,3 km

Day 2: Teano - Pietramelara

A stage that is almost entirely flat and on asphalt: you leave Teano and, crossing a series of country districts and some short stretches of provincial road, you cross the plain at the foot of the Trebulani mountains, where you visit the medieval villages of Riardo and Pietramelara.


Distance 24,6 km

Day 3: Pietramelara - Alife

From Pietramelara you reach the village of Roccaromana. The path then climbs through the woods to the Norman Tower and, downhill, leads to the nearby hamlet of Statigliano. This short stage, on asphalt, has two critical issues: the absence of water sources and the danger of the final stretch, so it is advisable to use the train that stops in Dragoni. In any case, starting from Statigliano we descend along the slopes of the Trebulani Mountains to the Volturno plain, passing through Baia and Latina and Dragoni. From here, after crossing the river, a series of districts leads to Alife, whose Roman-style historic center preserves precious evidence of its thousand-year history.


Distance 19,3 km

Day 4: Alife - Faicchio

The path, almost entirely easy on asphalt, takes place along districts immersed in the quiet of the countryside: almost without realizing it we then leave the Volturno plain to venture onto the slopes of Matese, the massif that accompanies the stage with its presence and where we are waiting there are small hamlets and wide panoramas. Today's destination is the village of Faicchio, dominated by the imposing Ducal Castle.


Distance 12,3 km

Day 5: Faicchio - Telese Terme

A very short stage that is worth not combining with the next one in order to visit the village of San Salvatore Telesino, which is just 1 km from the street, or relax in the renowned establishments of Telese Terme. In any case, you leave Faicchio and, after crossing the Roman bridge, you travel along the slopes of Mount Acero with its lush woods, and then cross the ilex grove of Mount Pugliano, at the foot of which today's destination is located. There are no water sources along the route, so stock up well upon departure.


Distance 16,3 km

Day 6: Telese Terme - Vitulano

This is also a short stage but made challenging by the differences in altitude. From Telese and its lake, a series of secondary roads lead to Solopaca, famous for its DOC wines, where the long climb begins through the woods that cover the Taburno-Camposauro massif. You then continue to climb almost to the gates of Vitulano, which you reach via a beautiful panoramic path.


Distance 17,2 km

Day 7: Vitulano - Benevento

In this stage, short and entirely on asphalt, you descend from the Apennines towards the Benevento plain; the descent starts from Foglianise: a series of quiet country districts lead down to the valley floor and the Calore river. From here a long cycle/pedestrian path, which crosses the Lipu nature oasis, reaches the outskirts of Benevento. The arrival at the Arch of Trajan offers a unique emotion.


Distance 26 km

Day 8: Benevento - Casalbore

The next two stages, both challenging in terms of length and difference in altitude, cross the southern Apennines, a natural passage between Campania and Puglia: the route follows the Via Traiana, of which bridges and post stations survive. In today's stage we cross the outskirts of Benevento and then climb the hills, whose presence accompanies us up to Buonalbergo, where ancient traditional hospitality awaits the Pilgrim. The stage continues until Casalbore.


Day 9: End our service

See you next year to walk together the next stage

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