Via Francigena – week 1

€ 900 (from) / Per person

Via Francigena – Week 1

On this trip, you will hike through the dramatic alpine peaks to a shelter that’s been hosting pilgrims on this journey for more than one thousand years. From there you’ll descend into Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, a small mountain village of 328 residents that is world-renowned for its exceptional prosciutto. From this town you’ll enter the Aosta Valley. As you pass medieval castles charming hilltop townsyou’ll find yourself in the luscious vineyards where you can sip the local wines & try the spectacular artisan cheeses. Your long journey will end at the infamous stone bridge of Pont Saint Martin.

Your journey will begin in the town of Bourg St Pierre, which you can reach most easily by taking the train from Geneva (or Lausanne) to Martigny, from where you can take the bus directly to the town center. 

Waiting for you at your hotel will be the material you need for your trip: hotel vouchers and your credential for the pilgrim stamp.

  • 7 Days
  • Age 15+
  • Via Francigena


  • The crossing of the Alps
  • The mountains landscape
  • The historical Hostel at the Pass
  • Aosta Roman remains
  • Val d’Aosta villages and castles

How does it work

We book your accommodations

We will book double/single rooms with private bathrooms in 2* or 3* hotels, b&b or country Inns. and you will find the corresponding vouchers in your package

We transfer your luggage

Just leave it at the reception desk with your name tag and you will find it at your next accommodation.

We supply GPS files.

In order to be more eco-friendly, we will provide a GPX reader application with a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy and real-time navigation

Departure: Bourg St. Pierre (Switzerland)
Destination: Pont St. Martin
  • 7 nights (in 2/3 stars accommodation)
  • All breakfast (dinners on demand)
  • Emergency number 24/7
  • Gps files 
  • Luggage transfer
  • Pilgrim’s “Credenziale”
  • Dinners
  • Tips
  • Wine tasting


Via Francigena week 1 from Bourg St. Pierre to Pont St. Martin

Tour Plan


Altitude at departure point: 1.632 mt

Day 1: Arrival in Bourg St Pierre

Arrival at the hotel, dinner and night (it is possible to have a fondue or a raclette which are typically Swiss), benediction could be next day at the Hostel.


Distance 11,50 km

Day 2: Bourg St Pierre - San Bernardo Pass

This segment has a symbolic value as we cross the Alps. Scrambling along mountain trail we reach the historical hospital of the Agostinian Friars founded more than 1000 years ago, who along the centuries saved so many lives of pilgrims with their famous dogs.


Distance 13 km

Day 3: San Bernardo Pass - Etroubles

The superb scenery of the Pass with the small lake and the crown of high mountains greet us at departure. Entirely on trails the route passes through St. Rhémy en Bosses, well known for the ham it produces. We descend to Etroubles. Since ancient times this village has acted as the main centre of the area; the Roman soldiers had here their winter quarters.


Distance 16 km

Day 4: Etroubles - Aosta

To reach Aosta, today we walk along the Rus, irrigation canals, very important for local agriculture. They are generally at mid height and we follow them before descending more steeply towards Aosta. Of Roman origins, Aosta has kept many historical remains of that period such as the Pretorian Arch and the theatre.


Distance 21 km

Day 5: Aosta - Chambave

From now on we follow the “Chemins de Vignobles” vineyards trail, also marked as “Via Francigena” The first castle we encounter is Quart ( XII century) on the highest point, then the Nus Castle, also on a cliff, while at the bottom of the valley we can see the Fenis castle built by the Challant family.


Distance 26 km

Day 6: Chambave - Verres

A very pleasant walk along trails that wind among vineyards and orchards, with higher mountains in the background. The river Evançon runs at the bottom of the main valley, while the imposing Verrès castle stands at the entrance of the Val d’Ayas. It is an imposing fortress with 2m thick walls, which can be reached only on foot.


Distance 17 km

Day 7: Verres - Pont St Martin

Many interesting things on the way, from the Echilod bridge, to the Bard Fortress, not forgetting the stretch of the original Roman road called “Via delle Gallie”, near Donnas.


Day 8: End our service

See you next year to walk together the next stage

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