Walking in Umbria – The Art Cities

€ 1100 (from) / Per person

Walking in Umbria: the Art Cities

From Perugia to Montefalco
You will begin in the art capital of Perugia. With breathtaking Renaissance buildings in marble & medieval defensive walls, Perugia is a feast for the eyes. From Perugia you will traverse the hills of Umbria, a region of Italy best known for its pristine natural parks, with lush verdant forests & cascading waterfalls. At the top of the cliffs will be the town of Assisi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The birthplace of Saint Francis, Assisi has breathtaking medieval churches with frescoes by the early Renaissance masters: Cimabue, Simone Martini & Giotto. After Assisi lies the little-known town of Spello, with an ancient Roman villa & a long tradition of creating artworks with flowers. As you work your way closer to Montefalco, you’ll see countless Etruscan & ancient Roman ruins, from amphitheaters to man-made caves.

  • 7 Days
  • Age 15+
  • Tuscany


  • Stay in Perugia
  • Assisi & Cortona
  • Spello & Bevagna
  • Wine tastings & Cooking classes (on request)

Accommodation level

Day 1 – Perugia 

Day 2 – Assisi 

Day 3 – Assisi (second night) 

Day 4 – Spello 

Day 5 – Spello (second night) 

Day 6 – Bevagna 

Day 7 – Bevagna (second night) 

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Departure: Perugia
Destination: Montefalco
  • 7 nights (in 3/4 stars accommodation)
  • All breakfast (dinners on demand)
  • Emergency number 24/7
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  • Dinners
  • Tips
  • Wine tasting

Tour Plan



Day 1: Arrival and settling in

Arrival at the Perugia train station: Metro ride ( Minimetro) directly to the centre of the town . A lively city, nice boutiques, good restaurants, an art gallery with a superb collection of Medieval paintings and a very special subterranean town.


Walking time 5 h

Day 2: Valfabbrica - Assisi

San Francis used to travel on foot from Assisi to Gubbio, we will retrace his steps along these rugged hills.Transfer from Perugia to trail start. The beginning is a bit tough then it becomes easier. Rolling hills and thick woods and an amazing arrival with a breath taking view of Assisi.


Walking time 3 h

Day 3: Assisi

A relaxing day. If you want to walk you can have a 3 hours loop Have a brisk departure by climbing to the Eremo delle Carceri, S. Francis peaceful retreat. At the top of the trail 500 meters from the Eremo there is a nice picnic spot with tables and benches. Otherwise just visit Assisi, which has a lot more to offer than the St Francis Basilica, although the Giotto’s frescos are superb.


Walking time 6 h

Day 4: Assisi - Spello

Start from your hotel and walk a trail which cuts through the Subasio park and unfolds among olive groves to reach Spello a lovely village with cobbled streets and peaceful squares. Much less touristy and quieter after the Assisi crowd. Night in a nice hotel with a view of the whole valley.


Walking time 4 h

Day 5: Spello

A circular walking loop from Spello to Spello visiting the Subasio mountain and the amazing hamlet of Collepino. Night at the Hotel in Spello.


Walking time 5 h

Day 6: Collemaccio - Bevagna

A short transfer from Spello to Collemancio ( 20 minutes by car) where starts a spectacular walk to Bevagna visiting a genuine and rustic cellar of Dionigi family ( Sagrantino di Montefalco producer).Night in Bevagna at Palazzo Brunamonti.


Walking time 4 h

Day 7: Bevagna - Montefalco

A loop in the heart of the best wine area of Umbria. After visiting Bevagna which is known for its medieval market during the month of June; walk from Bevagna to Montefalco, have lunch at the enoteca on Montefalco main square, sample some wine at one of the best wineries of the area and come back to your starting point .. Same hotel.


Day 8: End our service

See you next year to walk together!!

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