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Via Francigena Hiking and Cycling


Via Francigena – Walking the Via Francigena

Via Francigena

Retracing the pilgrims steps, from the Alps to Rome.


The Via Francigena is an ancient pilgrimage trail which starts in Canterbury, England, and stretches through France and Switzerland before ending in Rome, Italy. Many thousands of pilgrims have followed this stunning trail to Rome since Medieval times.

We focus on the final sections of the pilgrimage between Switzerland and Italy, which divides into eight manageable stages. You will be supported with 24-7 back-up and provided with comprehensive route notes and the Via Francigena route maps. Accommodation is booked each evening for you in friendly and comfortable hotels, inns and guesthouses, according to the nature of each overnight stop.

It is possible to arrange optional luggage transfers each day, should you wish.

Walking along those trail makes people feel part of a larger family; it creates a sense of belonging; since relations are easy and informal, the pilgrimage turns into an experience in sharing and friendship.

For many people, this is the beginning of a spiritual roads; some want to search their souls, reaching deep inside themselves, in a natural and peaceful setting, in the silence of holy places, in the sharing with the others pilgrims.



Via Francigena: The Cycling option

The route you will take will give you ample time to soak everything in, as you’ll traverse 60 km a day, and without a great deal of difficulty. From Lucca to Rome we offer the southern part of the italian Via Francigena.



Saint Francis Trail

Francesco in an humble and simple way has been a revolutionary figure in the history of Christianity ; in a time when the Church of Rome was a centre of the temporal power of the Papacy and the centre of huge riches, plots and corruption, he preached poverty and fraternal love towards every creature of this world.
The exemple set by St Francis life and message is probably the reason that inspired the new Pope to chose to be called Francis I.


Escorted option available


The path of the Francigena way, to Rome from the Italian border, is very long so that we have it divided into eight weeks. But we want to reach out to those who have neither the time nor the energy to deal with this type of travel. So we have selected some of the most interesting, at least for us, and in some periods of the year, we offer the possibility of forming a group and have a guide.



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